Re Plat Papaya Leaf Extract Syrup Uses, Side Effects And Price


In a world constantly grappling with emerging health threats, one disease stands out for its widespread impact – a mosquito-borne illness caused by a virus that induces high fever, bleeding from the nose, and inflammation in the heart and gums. The debilitating symptoms, including nausea, underline the urgency for effective prevention and treatment strategies. While conventional measures such as mosquito repellents and vaccines exist, an intriguing remedy has surfaced, rooted in the medicinal properties of papaya leaves.

Understanding the Papaya Leaf Formula:

Papaya leaves have garnered attention for their potential in mitigating the effects of mosquito-borne diseases. Specifically, a concoction known as Sharbat Baniya has become a topic of interest. The formulation involves extracting the healing properties of papaya leaves to create a syrup that serves as a tonic for treatment.

The Syrup's Composition:

To delve into the composition of this unique remedy, one must recognize its reliance on papaya leaves. The leaves are processed to reduce them into a syrup, typically infused with sugar for palatability. The resulting concoction is then bottled in 120-liter quantities, making it a concentrated form of the healing agent.

Platelet Boosting Properties:

One of the noteworthy benefits attributed to Sharbat Baniya is its ability to boost blood platelet levels. Platelets are essential components of the blood responsible for clotting, and their depletion is a common consequence of mosquito-borne illnesses. The papaya leaf formula is believed to expedite the increase in platelet count, aiding the body in its fight against the virus.

Optimal Usage and Administration:

For optimal results, it is recommended to start administering Sharbat Baniya from the onset of fever. The protocol involves consuming the syrup three times a day, with a dosage of three tablespoons (equivalent to 30 ml) for adults and one tablespoon (5 to 10 ml) for children. This regimen, ideally initiated within the first 48 hours of the illness, is designed to enhance the body's resilience and minimize the severity of the disease.



Re Plat Papaya Leaf Extract Syrup Uses, Side Effects And Price


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